Black magic top choice

After years of searching for a slug that had everything I was looking for, I finally found the Black Magics.

They are heavy, pack a punch, and are accurate exceeding my expectations. I use them in a Weatherby PA‑08, 12 gauge with a rifled barrel topped with a Nikon 2‑7X scope. It took only 5 shots to sight in and get a grouping like this at approximately 88 +|- a yard or so. I found the recoil to be very manageable, the slugs fed and ejected without fail, and I have no doubt that these are going to be my go to slugs from now on. A shotgun with a good barrel and quality optics really make the Black Magic slugs shine.

If you're looking for a thoroughbred to use, the Black Magic slugs are a top choice, I've tried many, I just wish I started with Black Magic slugs first and saved myself the time. 
(Yes, I have other holes in the target, I recycle targets that are useable).

Thank you

Jason Bergman
Gray, GA
August 2017

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