The Anti-Terror-Slug by BRENNEKE:

The need for security in Europe is increasing significantly, due to the current threat of terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, the equipment of regular police forces is insufficient to respond to potential attacks. Ammunition that is capable of stopping violence immediately and effectively should be available in every police car or emergency vehicle, together with the appropriate gun.

One thing is evident: the cartridges in caliber 9 mm Para or Luger, which have been used by most European police forces so far, are hardly suitable for fighting terrorism. For ballistic reasons, they lack the power that is needed for an effective operation. This is also true if the cartridges are fired from a submachine gun. This is where the new ATS® comes into play.


Available calibers
12 GA 2¾''(424 grs)

Stopping Power!

The ATS® in 12 gauge 2¾" has an extremely hard slug weighing 27.5 g (424 gr.). Within usual shooting distances of up to approx. 50 meters, it shows an outstanding stopping power and can be used with any type of shotgun barrel.

  • 12 GA 2¾''
Ballistic Data
Distance (yds) 0 25 50 75 100
Velocity (fps) 1680 1430 1204 1026 902
Energy (ft lbs) 2639 1913 1359 986 761
Trajectory (inches) -2.00 +2.20 +3.10 -0.50 -10.40
Caliber Packaging unit Weight Item No.
12 GA 2¾'' 5 units 424 grs SL-122ATS

Sale of ammunition to holders of appropriate permits and authorizations only.

Energy with supreme stopping power

As the following table shows, the Original BRENNEKE Anti-Terror-Slug has a release of energy that is 5.7 times higher on 25 meters than a 9 mm Luger, and 4.5 times higher than a pistol cartridge on 50 meters. Even in comparison with the 7.62x39 Kalashnikov rifle cartridge, it achieves 36% more energy on 25 meters and 3.5% more on 50 meters. Moreover, the energy is released considerably faster than with a pistol or rifle bullet.

Slug Design

Check the original BRENNEKE quality features of an ATS®:

  • Lead point with ribs that point to the right ensure smooth choke passage
  • Patented rear slides into point after the impact
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