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Black magic top choice

After years of searching for a slug that had everything I was looking for, I finally found the Black Magics. More

Experience with 12ga GreenLighting

This past weekend I got to experience a hunt for the memory bank... More

Some life experiences with Brenneke

Just thought I should share some life experiences with you concerning the 3 inch Brenneke... More

Excellent 20 GA K.O. precision

I am sending you my experience about the use of your shotshells Brenneke KO, 20 ga ¾ Onz. 1550 fps... More

8 pointer with almost 18 inches

I was browsing your web site to research a bit the ballistic info... More

10 point buck

I shot this 10 point buck on 11/17/2012. I was shooting the 12ga. Green Lightning slugs... More

An old fart and Brenneke Green Lightning

I have my dad's 1963 Ithaca M-37 deerslayer with a smoothbore barrel... More

Family business

The first is a picture of my father, Ray Sr., and the biggest deer he has ever taken and it happened after the worst year of his life... More

Brenneke 16 Gauge in Belarus

Thank you for your bullets... More

Heavy frame 9 point whitetail

As promised I’m sending a couple of pictures from a very successful hunt this past fall... More

17 inch, 8 point

I have always wanted to use a slug gun for deer hunting but had always been told that in order to shoot one accurately... More

Bear Gets His Moose

I've been hunting with Brenneke slugs for over 40 years now... More

Deer Hunt with K.O. slugs

I had been hunting for about a week and a half and had not done any good... More

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