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For much of its storied history, Germany’s Brenneke® refused to make saboted rounds, due to the long German tradition of insisting upon quick, humane kills when hunting. Brenneke simply would not sacrifice any of the devastating power that has distinguished their slug designs for 120 years.

“Only within the past decade or so have we become sufficiently comfortable with sabot technology to put the Brenneke name on a sabot,” said Dr. Peter Mank, director of Brenneke of America and great-grandson of Wilhelm Brenneke, founder of the company that bears his name.

“The German hunting tradition goes back well over 500 years,” Mank explained. “It is considered a huge disgrace for the German hunter to lose a wounded animal. In fact, Wilhelm Brenneke invented the modern shotgun slug after a great deal of research, because he was not happy with the poor quality munitions of his era and their inability to provide fast and humane kills. The design he arrived at provides maximum power at impact, and a substantial wound channel. Even if an animal doesn’t drop on the spot, it will almost never go very far, and presents an easy-to-follow blood trail.”

“So, to continue Wilhelm’s legacy, Brenneke would only offer a shotgun sabot for hunting when we were absolutely confident that it was effective and reliable in every way. Plus, with ammunition costing more and more these days, we wanted to make Brenneke precision and performance available at a reasonable cost,” Mank said. “Practice means more effective shooting, and the hunter will not spend a fortune practicing with TOPAS.”

The new TOPAS is available in the U.S. through BrennekeUSA stocking dealers.

Brenneke makes one of the largest selections of shotgun slugs and sabots in the world, for .410, 28, 20, 16 and 12 gauge shotguns. Their most powerful 12 gauge loads, such as the Black Magic Magnum, is the choice of many wildlife officers in Alaska who might find themselves face to face with a perturbed grizzly. Brenneke offers a number of specialized slugs to law enforcement agencies, designed for specific urban and terrorist threats. The deer hunter will find a wide range of slugs and sabots applicable to any environment and budget.

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