17 inch, 8 point

I have always wanted to use a slug gun for deer hunting but had always been told that in order to shoot one accurately...

I would have to try different brands of slugs to see which one was the most accurate for my shotgun.
I was also told that if I had a smoothbore I would have to use rifled slugs and I would have to use sabots out of a rifled shotgun barrel. My quest for an accurate slug began when I purchased a 12 gauge Remington 870 with a rifled cantilever slug barrel. I asked my friends what they shot, what kind of groups they were getting at what yardage, etc…
I also checked several of the hunting forums on the internet. Basically everyone and every forum told me the same thing; try different brands and different types of slugs that each brand offered. Since I have a rifled barrel I would have to stay with the more expensive sabots as rifled slugs would not be accurate out of my set up. I called Remington, Federal, Winchester, and asked them what sabot shot the best for them in their tests. I thought I would get the best answer from Remington. Each company’s answer was the same: every gun / barrel is different you will have to try different sabots to see which one is the best for your gun.
As you can see, this is going to get expensive real quick. Well I tried different types from each company including Lightfield, that’s 4 companies, different types of sabots and slugs from each one. Not one brand was as accurate as I would have liked even at 50 yards, I was getting 2 ¾ to 4inch groups at 50 yards and almost twice that at 100 yards, I didn’t know what to do.
Finally another friend, Pat Baker, suggested “Brenneke”.  I called Brenneke, they gave me your number and you were the only person in my quest for an accurate round out of my shotgun that told me what I needed to use from the start. You suggested the Brenneke Green lightning 12 gauge rifled slug out of my rifled barrel, you told me that it would work, I didn’t need an expensive sabot and I should be able to hold a 3 inch group at 100 yards if I did my part, well…

I placed my trust in what you said and ordered the Green lightning rifled slugs. When I got to the range I couldn’t believe what was happening. The rounds started going where I wanted them to as I was sighting in. I actually passed your expectations of a 3 inch group at 100 yards. I shot a 3 round group at 100 yards that measured 1 ½ x 2 inches that group was a little high so I dialed it down and shot a 2 round group that measured 1 ½ x 1 inch at 100 yards (see photo) I quit shooting after that as I was satisfied and my shoulder had enough for one day.

Let’s fast forward now to the opening day of deer season in Pennsylvania, long story short version. I shot this 17 inch 8 point at 105 paces (see photo) while bracing the shotgun against the side of tree.  This buck acted different than the other deer I had shot in the past, it acted like it actually got hit by lightning, (Green Lightning) it was weird and hard to describe but this buck didn’t run, and it didn’t fall over, it was liked it died to fast to do anything but stand there, from what I could see through the scope I swear its eyes were closed finally it toppled over.
I can’t thank you enough for the advice you gave me. I have been telling all my friends and those on several internet hunting forums to save your money, quit searching, and just shoot Brenneke. They work in smoothbore and rifled barrels; I don’t ever plan on switching.  Regardless of the weather all my deer are getting hit with lightning, Green lightning from Brenneke.

Thank You

Michael Sestak

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