Some life experiences with Brenneke

Just thought I should share some life experiences with you concerning the 3 inch Brenneke...

At the age of 41 I have been using them for 22 years exclusively on almost every species that walks western Canada with no regrets.
Mostly used on black bears, 37 in total, from 6 feet up to 150 yards, with a 18 inch Remington, doublebarrell coach guns and even a Benelli Super 90 tactical (now prohibited in Canada). I formerly had a friend with a 2000 acre ranch, with a huge bear problem. 3 men armed with Brennekes over the course of about 3 seasons managed to wipe out 23 black bears and one 450 lb grizzly, who stuck his nose in the wrong fish smoker, all with 3 inch Brennekes.
I was first turned onto them by a man named Siegfried Lantenhammer, a German fellow who owned a local gun store call Northland Sports. Most people who have never used a shotgun for this purpose have a hard time believing how effective the Brenneke is.
Just for the record, me and my buddies still shoot countless Remington and Winchester slugs, but only at rocks and beer cans, because that´s all they are good for. Trust me, I speak from experience. Brennekes are my constant companion whether I´m picking blueberries in the middle of nowhere or up in the mountains prospecting for gold, they have saved my ass more than a few times & I will keep using them until they stick me in a hole and shovel dirt on my face.

Keep up the good work.

James Barclay
Prince George, British Columbia

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