Bear Gets His Moose

I've been hunting with Brenneke slugs for over 40 years now...

... and, due to the fact that they are the most accurate slugs I've ever shot in my life, there are a lot of stories I can tell thanks to your slugs.  However, there is a moose I shot recently which sticks out quite a bit from all these other stories.

Up here where I live in Alaska, everything is a bit bigger than in the lower states.  Unfortunately, this also applies to heavy rainfall.  So, all the rivers had very high water and had flooded the land along side.  When a friend of mine, his father-in-law and I decided to take a boat up the river a ways, I took my shotgun only because in Alaska, you never know.  I really didn't expect to see any game, though.

We had been in the boat for about an hour, when we saw a very big moose standing next to the river, roughly 100 yards away from us.  Due to the high water he looked funny…like a moose with very short legs, as he was standing in two feet of water.  Luckily, he was on the same side of the boat as I, which put me in the best position to take a shot.  I stood up, somehow managed to hold steady just long enough as the boat rolled in the swollen river, and pulled the trigger.  The moose instantly disappeared.  "Where is it?" my friend's father shouted.  "I can't see it any more."

"It's down," I said, knowing that the Brenneke Classic would do the job as it had a hundred times before.  "Are you really sure?" he asked again.  With a smile, I replied "I guess you aren't used to clean, one-shot kills!"

It was now time to get some wet feet.  We turned toward the flooded banks, stopping in shallow water about 75 yards from where I had seen the moose.  We walked toward that spot—not much fun with all the mud and two feet of water.  The moose had dropped exactly in its tracks.  Its antlers measured 58", and it weighed roughly 1400 pounds.  You can imagine the sweat and the fun, trying to field dress and skin an animal that size in two feet of water, then get it loaded into the boat.

The trip back down the river was not easy, since now the boat was overloaded with moose and riding low in the water.  We were constantly bailing water to keep it from sinking further.

My friend and his father-in-law are now hooked on your slugs.  They had not believed me when I told them how good they were…I've been shooting Brenneke slugs since I was 18, and I am now 66.

Seeing is believing!

Bear Allen

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