Heavy frame 9 point whitetail

As promised I’m sending a couple of pictures from a very successful hunt this past fall...

I had not used Brenneke in the past in conjunction with my Remington 1187 12 gauge, but after your offer to try them and rounds you sent me I was immediately able to tune in my weapon at 100 yards placing round on round using the Green Lightning 2 ¾” round.

The first opportunity I had on a shooter buck was just over 100 yards. This is a distance I would not have felt comfortable with in the past, but after practicing with the rounds you provided and seeing the outcome I was more than confident taking the shot. The shot placement was perfect and the animal went down immediately. This truly showed me the benefit of using Brenneke. My trophy was a mature heavy frame 9 point whitetail. I will guarantee you that I will be the best spokesman in this region for your ammunition. The proof of performance was the venison in the freezer and the trophy on the wall

Ray Wyatt
International Sales Manager

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