An old fart and Brenneke Green Lightning

I have my dad's 1963 Ithaca M-37 deerslayer with a smoothbore barrel...

I was having a problem shooting slugs through it. I was told by Ithaca the problem was the slugs (Win. Rackmaster) I had picked. Ithaca told me I needed to use Foster-type slugs, and told me to try Brenneke. I plan on using this gun for black bear hunting in Virginia.

I emailed Brenneke, and in the reply from Charlie Hays he told me to try the 12 ga. Green Lightning slug. This has to be one of the smartest things that I ever done! We looked at them out of the box and we all said "These things are very different." First I tried some Remingtons and they shot real high with a huge after letting it cool I loaded the "Big Green"...Lawd, it was like a totaly different shotgun!!!!! At about 50+ yards (open sights) I shot a five-shot group just a tad over 4x5 square...three were so close it was wild.  Now look, I'm a old fart (59 years old) and to say I was a happy man is an understatement.  You all went the extra mile for me and words can't say enough.

Ray Wilburn
God Bless the USA

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