8 pointer with almost 18 inches

I was browsing your web site to research a bit the ballistic info...

... On the Brenneke Classic 1-1/8 slugs that I've been shooting through my Remington 1100 smooth bore shotgun for many years now. I find it super accurate and with tremendous knock down power. The only problem is they're impossible to purchase off the shelf in my area but I have a local sporting goods store which I frequent and they're more than happy to order your slugs for me.

While perusing your site I saw a picture of a young man and his beautiful 10 point buck taken this year with your slugs and wanted to show you my best deer to date, a gorgeous basic 8 pointer with a little sticker off the left beam. He's almost 18 inches wide inside with long tines and nice mass and provided me the thrill of a life time. He's not a giant by some standards but a real trophy to me after 30 plus years of hunting.

Thank you so much for making such a reliable and quality product. I won't go into the woods in gun season without my Brennekes.


Marianne R. Young

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