Experience with 12ga GreenLighting

This past weekend I got to experience a hunt for the memory bank...

My son Colton Edwards and my nephew Sean Glatts joined my father and myself for a doe hunt at our old family farm.  For years I have used  SST type slugs with great success.  It wasn’t until this year I began using your NEW  Brenneke USA Green Lighting Heavy Field Short Magnum slugs.  I am very impressed!  The knock down power and clean penetration makes for an ethical harvest.  Very impressive!  I have shot three deer this year with Brenneke USA Green Lightings and have not lost any meat due to expansion of the sabot bullet.   Each of the three deer went less than 40yrds.  I highly recommend Brenneke USA ammunition for all sportsman afield.  They are truly the best slug I have ever shot for an incredibly cost effective investment.  Thank you again for sharing your great product and be assured my story will be told to all who will listen.

Hunting Regards,

Steve Edwards
Ellett Brothers

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