Orange Lightning®

Best Combination Of Power And Accuracy:

The Orange Lightning is equally suitable for use during a good hunt, for successful and economical training on the shooting range, and for defending your home against criminals. This new cartridge from BRENNEKE gives you confidence and security, reliability and accuracy, power and performance for every application.

The one-ounce (440 gr.) Original BRENNEKE slug is mated with the thoroughly proven B.E.T. wad--Better Energy Transfer--easily meeting all demands up to 60 yards. It can be fired from all shotgun barrels, rifled or smoothbore, with or without chokes, all problem-free. And accuracy? Groups of two inches with five shots at 40 yards are easily obtainable.

The Orange Lightning 12 gauge provides excellent value at a reasonable cost. It is made in Germany at BRENNEKE headquarters near Hanover, with the same passion for quality and performance that has defined all BRENNEKE ammunition since 1898. A lead-free version of the Orange Lightning is in development.

Orange Lightning®

Available calibers
12 GA 2 3/4''(440 grs)
  • 12 GA 2¾''
Ballistic Data
Distance (yds) 0 25 50 75 100
Velocity (fps) 1476 1271 1118 1016 945
Energy (ft lbs) 2129 1579 1221 1009 872
Trajectory (inches) -2.00 +0.90 +2.50 +2.30 +0.10
Caliber Packaging unit Weight Item No.
12 GA 2¾'' 5 units 440 grs SL-122OL

Sale of ammunition to holders of appropriate permits and authorizations only.

Slug Design

Check the original BRENNEKE quality features of a Orange Lightning®:

  • Lead point with ribs that point to the right ensure smooth choke passage
  • Patented rear slides into point after the impact
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