Classic Magnum®

Excellent Precision, Impressive Energy, Flat Trajectory:

The Classic™ is the ancestor of all modern shotgun slugs worldwide. Invented by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1898 is has been improved ever since, so that it is still a state of the art slug today. Excellent precision, impressive energy, flat trajectory, you name it, the Classic™ got it.

Classic Magnum™

Available calibers
12 GA 2¾"(492 grs)
16 GA 2¾"(437 grs)

Note the devastating energy dispersed in the first 16 inches of FBI-Spec. calibrated 10% gelatin...

... and the deep penetration that continues almost entirely through a second block of gelatin.

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  • 12 GA 2¾''
  • 16 GA 2¾"
Ballistic Data
Distance (yds) 0 25 50 75 100
Velocity (fps) 1510 1312 1155 1047 974
Energy (ft lbs) 2460 1859 1439 1183 1025
Trajectory (inches) -2.00 +0.30 +1.30 +0.70 -1.90
Caliber Packaging unit Weight Item No.
12 GA 2¾'' 5 units 492 grs SL-122CLM

Sale of ammunition to holders of appropriate permits and authorizations only.

Slug Design

Check the original BRENNEKE quality features of a Classic Magnum™:

  • Lead point with ribs that point to the right ensure smooth choke passage
  • Patented rear slides into point after the impact
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