Brenneke Facts

  • Brenneke USA continues to follow the Original Formula since 1898 when the first Brenneke slug was designed.

  • Accuracy (+) Penetration (+) Massive Frontal Area (+) Original Shape and Weight Retention = a slug which will outperform all other slugs with precise, humane, and immediate terminal velocity during controlled penetration to stop any target immediately.

  • A Brenneke USA slug, by having a high momentum factor allows the slug to maintain a higher average terminal velocity throughout Penetration.  i.e., the slug decelerates slower, causing not only more tissue damage (and hemorrhage), but more nervous system trauma, it will stop what is working on the receiving end immediately.

  • The Frontal Area of our 12 GA. 1 oz slug expands during penetration to over .88 cal. (.608 sq. inch frontal area), considerably larger than any pistol or rifle bullet.

  • Compare our Brenneke USA slugs with any of our competitors slugs and you will see the difference. We Did, by having an independent company specializing in evaluating ammunition and asking for an overall performance comparison with some of our competitors slugs. Brenneke USA designs slugs specifically for all various hunting and shooting requirements.

  • In 1995 Brenneke opened Brenneke USA to market all Brenneke slugs in the US.  Brenneke USA is now the exclusive supplier for all Brenneke slugs sold in America.

  • Brenneke USA slugs are loaded in the US according to the Industry (SAAMI) specifications.
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