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12 GA 3'' Magnum Crush

When the going get rough, you need a specialist. That´s when you can count on our Magnum Crush. It is our hardest hitting slug, delivering a tremendous force of more than 3.800 ft/lbs. So the name Crush comes obvious.
The Magnum Crush is designed for 3” rifled barrels. It weights a full 1 ½ ounce / 666 grains.
Because of the flat trajectory the Magnum Crush is an ideal choice for hunters who may encounter bigger game at a variety of ranges. Its special coating reduces lead fouling in the barrel and its broad ribs provide optimum engagement of the rifling grooves. The result is extraordinary accuracy and unmatched impact power. In some situation the stopping power of the Magnum Crush can save your life!

Calibre: 12 GA 3"
Weight: 1 1/2 ounce, 666 grs, 43 g
Game:  bear, elk, deer, wild boar, coyote
Barrel: rifled only
Chokes: none
Range: up to more than 100 yards



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