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Exceptional performance tailored for the most demanding applications.

BRENNEKE® offers an array of shotgun slugs capable of servicing virtually every law enforcement and military need.  Each has been designed for optimal performance in specific applications and environments.  They include:

12 GA 2 ¾'' Special Forces Maximum Barrier Penetration Magnum
12 GA 2 ¾'' Special Forces Short Magnum (SFM)
12 GA 2 ¾'' Tactical Home Defense (THD)
20 GA 2 ¾'' Tactical Home Defense (THD)

You will find here extensive data on each BRENNEKE® slug and its preferred applications. Should you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. We work closely with a number of law enforcement, military and government agencies, and we are happy to share our experience with you.

The versatility to match any environment.

Depending upon your needs, you will find that BRENNEKE® law enforcement slugs provide:

• Exceptional accuracy from both smoothbore and
   rifled shotgun barrels
• High retained velocity
• Extended range (SFM, CLM)
• Controlled penetration (THD)
• Extreme penetration—walls and other barriers, auto bodies,
   engine blocks (SFM, CLM)
• Wad always remains attached to slug, reducing liability
   and injury to bystanders or hostages
• Low recoil (THD)
• Competitive pricing

BRENNEKE® has performed extensive independent ballistic testing on each of our law enforcement slugs.  Click the link below to download a PDF with full details on all of our LE slugs, or please take a moment to review each individual product page on this site.

Ballistic test results (PDF)

General Catalog (Download PDF)


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