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The most extensive product line on the market.

While many slug manufacturers compromise on either aerodynamics or knockdown power, the distinctive design of the Original Brenneke slug maximizes both. The weight-forward rounded nose, deep ribs and patented wad design allow tight groups, even at long ranges.

Smoothbores sing with Brenneke, with four different cartridges available in three different gauges. Superior sectional density and ballistic coefficients produce exceptional power. Five-shot groups of under two inches at 60 yards are not uncommon, and the retained energy of our magnum loads make them true 100 yard slugs.

Rifled barrels respond brilliantly to our specially designed 12 and 20 gauge loads. Stopping power is unequaled, and groups under 1 1/2 inches at 50 yards and under 2 1/2 inches at 100 yards provide accuracy approaching that of a centerfire rifle.

The massive frontal area of the slug delivers every ounce of energy to the target. There is no disintegration and virtually no deformation. Penetration, even in smaller gauges, is exceptional. You cannot buy a better shotgun slug than Original Brenneke, for any amount of money.

We offer a larger selection of slugs and sabots than any other manufacturer. This means that whatever shotgun you shoot, and whatever hunting situation you find yourself in, there is a Brenneke® round that will match up perfectly.

The BRENNEKE® 12 gauge shotgun slugs Magnum Crush, Black Magic, Emerald and Bronze are equipped with the new Better Energy Transmission (B.E.T.®) plastic wad column. Made of tough, high density polyethylene plastic, the B.E.T.® wad has been designed for improved reliability and better ballistic performance.

  • improved accuracy – 5 shots groups under 2” at 50 meters
  • greater effective range due to improved accuracy
  • center of gravity moved forward for better stabilization in flight and improved penetration on impact
  • symmetrical collapse of wad seats slug more uniformly in bore when fired
  • improved sealing of propellant gases reduces variation in muzzle velocity

BRENNEKE® slugs loaded with the new B.E.T.® wad columns put superior performance in your hands for hunting success.

Original Brenneke